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Commercial Property Inspection for Buyers

Commercial Office Building

Commercial building inspections are performed for first-time buyers and longtime investors who want to add to their portfolios. They are one of the smartest decisions one can make during their due-diligence contingency period.

Regardless of a client’s experience in buying commercial real estate, the commercial inspection is an investment, and investing should never be done haphazardly or allow for important items to be overlooked.

As Warren Buffett – arguably the most notable investor of all time – once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Hence, prospective clients should only invest in what they understand.

And the commercial building inspection will help them do just that.

What We Offer

The intention behind our inspection solutions is rooted in furnishing uncompromisingly objective reports based on an extensive review of your desired business space before procuring it.

We inspect commercial buildings, office spaces, apartment and multi-unit complexes, light industrial and warehouses, medical office buildings, and more!

With personalized attention to detail, we conduct thorough evaluations of properties tailored precisely to meet each client’s unique needs.

About Our Commercial Property Inspections

What You Need to Know About Commercial Property Inspections

The commercial property inspectors will comply with the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP) -- the industry-accepted commercial inspection guidelines and an established process and system.


The inspectors will look specifically for issues the buyer will want to know about before purchasing the property.

As a baseline, the assessment will include a thorough visual inspection that is focused on the building’s major systems and components, including the following:

● heating and ventilation systems;

● cooling system;

● plumbing system;

● mechanical and electrical systems;

● roof surface, drainage, and penetrations;

● exterior elements and fixtures;

● general topography of the building site;

● parking areas and sidewalks (to check for barriers to accessibility);

● wood decks and balconies;

● basement, foundation, and crawlspace;

● doors, windows, and interior;

● life safety components;

● kitchen area, including storage; and

● other site-specific areas of concern.


The commercial inspectors may identify deficiencies related to:

● poor installation and workmanship;

● inadequate design for the intended use;

● deferred maintenance;

● environmental damage or risks; and

● systems near the end of their service life.

How To Prepare

Get Your Property Inspected by the Experts at Litehouse Commercial

Visit the Property

Go at different times of the day before the walk-through survey. This will give you a better feel of how the property operates and help you discover potential flaws and items of interest to mention to the inspector.

Obtain Information

Obtain documents and records from the current owner, manager, or tenant. These may include lease agreements, Certificates of Occupancy, building and fire code violations, service contracts, repair invoices, and maintenance records.

Special Points of Interest

Discuss with us any special points of interest and details relevant to your lease or purchase transaction situation. With our custom-tailored commercial inspections, you will be armed with information to help you negotiate the most advantageous terms.

Outline Your Objectives

Review the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties, and note any work you want to be completed or excluded that deviates from the ComSOP. Inform us of; the timeframe and deadlines, planned renovations, and intended building use.

Interviews and Questionnaires

On the day of the walk-through survey, request that one party amongst the building's owner, manager, or tenant is present briefly. We provide additional options if your building's tenant is unavailable during our visit, including sending them our pre-inspection questionnaire via either phone call/email.

InterNachi Certified Commercial Inspector
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