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Industrial Building Inspection

Comprehensive Industrial Building Inspections

Industrial building inspections are performed on many commercial spaces, including manufacturing facilities (light assembly and heavy manufacturing), warehouses, flex spaces, commercial condominiums, distribution centers, art studios, showrooms, and similar buildings.


At LiteHouse Commercial, we understand that industrial buildings are dynamic.

They encompass many different types of production and storage. ln some cases, they operate 24 hours a day or need to accommodate a continuous manufacturing process.


This makes them subject to construction and renovation that may not always be sustainable, environmental issues, and unique equipment that may diminish the condition of a property.

What We Offer

Understanding the Physical Condition of Your Building

We will provide you with an understanding of the physical condition of the building as a whole so that the building’s owners, tenants, and investors can ensure that the facility will accommodate the needs of any tenants without disruption and serve as a strong capital asset.

These findings will help you:

  • make sure that the building can accommodate and adapt to varying tenancies

  • understand how the building is holding up from a physical vantage point

  • address the issues that will impact the building from a safety and financial perspective

How To Prepare

A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Industrial Building for Inspection

Visit the Property

Go at different times of the day before the walk-through survey. This will give you a better feel of how the property operates and help you discover potential flaws and items of interest to mention to the inspector.

Obtain Information

Obtain documents and records from the current owner, manager, or tenant. These may include lease agreements, Certificates of Occupancy, building and fire code violations, service contracts, repair invoices, and maintenance records.

Special Points of Interest

Discuss with us any special points of interest and details relevant to your lease or purchase transaction situation. With our custom-tailored commercial inspections, you will be armed with information to help you negotiate the most advantageous terms.

Outline Your Objectives

Review the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties, and note any work you want to be completed or excluded that deviates from the ComSOP. Inform us of; the timeframe and deadlines, planned renovations, and intended building use.

Interviews and Questionnaires

On the day of the walk-through survey, request that one party amongst the building's owner, manager, or tenant is present briefly. We provide additional options if your building's tenant is unavailable during our visit, including sending them our pre-inspection questionnaire via either phone call/email.

InterNachi Certified Commercial Inspector
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